Don’t Wait To Create

by Mary Ann on May 13, 2010

After a class that she attended one mom went home and created a “Spark Station box.” Her daughters who are ten and three love it! They started their structured family learning time with one hour. They are now up to one and a half hours. They really love it.

Not having any other closet or cupboard cleaned out and ready to go, this wise mom grabbed two printer paper boxes and went to work. She bought a few small things but for the most part, she gleaned from what she already had in her home: books they haven’t looked at in a while, craft stuff they didn’t know she had, gardening things because it is spring, some science toys she had, etc. She made a trip to the library to pick up a few books on topics of interest to her children.

While she contemplates where her “Spark Station” is going to be and in what room they are going to have family structured learning time, she is inspiring her children and engaging with them. She didn’t wait to get it all figured out. She didn’t wait to clean or organize or plan. She just took the bull by the horns and created something magical for her children and they love the opportunity to learn.

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