Changing your point of view can change your life

by Cristi Gardner on June 25, 2011

hudson river plane pictures

Miracle on the Hudson

Changing your point of view can change your life!

I got a phone call from my son Nathaniel, who is working in West Virginia for the summer.  It was morning, he had been working out, and he was on his way back to his apartment to get ready for the job.

Traffic was c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g!  Something HUGE ahead of him was blocking the entire road, and all kinds of support vehicles were surrounding this mammoth thing.

Nathaniel began fuming inwardly.  What kind of object deserved to take up the whole road, delaying all of the drivers from getting to their destinations?  As he muttered to himself about the inconsideration and the frustration, he pulled up closer to the oversized truck, and he could see that it carried an airplane.  “An airplane!  Why doesn’t it just fly to where it should go?” he thought to himself.

Looking up, he saw people thronging the overpasses, taking pictures and cheering.  He flipped on the radio, just in time to hear the announcer report that the airplane that had emergency landed with heroic perfection on the Hudson River, saving hundreds of lives, was on its way to its final exhibition place.

In that instant, Nathaniel’s perspective changed.  Faster than light can travel, he went from being annoyed to being grateful that he was a part of this historic moment.

In an instant!

hudson river plane images

The Hudson River Plane

When we watch the NBA Finals (or any other game), it’s interesting to note that the same game is played—the same exact game!—and yet half the fans leave ecstatic, and half leave dejected.  It’s all in their perspective.

We have all had the experience of being two year olds, four year olds, ten year olds, teenagers…on up to where we are in our life journey.  We have the perspective of experience that helps us to see results more clearly.  As we continue to live, we will continue to gain greater perspective.

So why do we often expect our little ones to see clearly what they may not have the perspective to realize yet?

Remembering how to look at things from a child’s perspective

  • Is freeing for us, and for the child
  • Is entertaining
  • Creates an optimal learning environment
  • Creates a safe place
  • Creates a place of love and appreciation for our differences

Our patience increases and our ability to teach and listen grows when we learn to look at things through the eyes of a different, less experienced point of view.

Next time you’re frustrated with someone who has been on this earthly journey a short time, try bending down . . . and remembering.

Our journey’s lessons constant;

Our learning has no end.

We never stand so tall as when

For a small child we bend.

Changing your point of view can change your life!

Cristie gardner photo

Cristie Gardner, my friend of over 20 years

Cristie B. Gardner, author and director of the musical theater production “Kirtland: City of Gathering and Glory” and author of “Your Book of L.I.F.E. (Living in Focused Energy) for Women,” is mother of eight incredible children.  She constantly works on a bucket list of over 81 goals.  Over the years she has had the privilege of serving as head of service organizations with thousands of women members, as well as supervising young women’s organizations and children’s organizations!  Her favorite hobbies: people, teaching, reading, writing, speaking, learning about our divine nature and potential…and helping others in their quest.  Cristie is available as a speaker to motivate and inspire you with YOUR bucket list!  To contact her: [email protected] Put speaker request in the subject line.


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