12 Week “Happiness Shift” Workbook

Mary Ann JohnsonWelcome!

Here is the “Happiness Shift” Workbook. Each week you will have information and some exercises to do that will help you make good use of what we talked about in our mentor session. Doing the work will also help you ask questions for more clarity and in order to refine what you are doing.

Happiness Shift Workbook 

Your results will be greater if you will take the time to do some work. We are all busy but you are mentoring because you are ready and willing to make some changes in order to have happier outcomes in your family.

There isn’t anything here that is too weighty or cumbersome. I hope you find it all do-able and practical to implement in your families busy life.

Please send any questions that come up, as you do your work,  to [email protected] and I will get to as many as I can during the next scheduled call.

Here’s to a well lived day,

Mary Ann



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