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Here are the free gifts I promised to send you. You are going to love this! 

FREE Gift 

The Rockin’ Spark Station Program: Magnify It

The Rockin’ Spark Station Packet is the perfect answer for busy parents who want to inspire a deep love of learning

Many parents use the Rockin’ Spark Station Packets to help them get the hang of using the Spark Station so that they can successfully do it on their own. Other parents just use it to spice up their home school efforts and family time. The Magnify It! Packet will give you dozens of crafts, projects, recipes, books, family activities and experiments on magnification, a topic kids love!

The Family Chunk Clock 

The Family Chunk Clock PDF

The Family Chunk Clock is unique because  it is organized around tasks rather than time.

It works because it doesn’t matter if you get up late, have an emergency phone call after breakfast or just want the day off! It is powerful because it is a system designed to help you RETURN when you get off course. It feels better because it is about how your family time feels rather than ticking off a list of tasks.

The Family Chunk Clock Story

Maggie and JodieMaggie was born with severe Cerebral palsy. She is cognitively brilliant (that is her grandma talking) but her body doesn’t work like yours or mine. Maggie can’t talk, sit up by herself or walk. So everything she does in her life takes LOTS of time. Eating a meal is an hour or more business for Maggie. Because of this her mom, Jodie Palmer, found her hands really full when Maggie was six and had three younger siblings. In her effort to get a handle on what it took to have a successful day in their busy home Jodie came up with the Family Chunk Clock. When I saw her clock I was so intrigued that I made one for myself and then said to her, “This is something we just have to share! Will you make an audio for the Home School Coach” (me) and so she did. I babysat and she created this gift for you. From the beginning we decided to give this gift FREE of charge to anyone that could benefit with one caveat – since it all came about because of Maggie we would ask people who felt so inclined to donate to Maggie’s therapy fund. Remember this gift is absolutely FREE. We want you to have it. But if you feel moved to give something back to Maggie and her mom then we welcome that. We do not track who downloads and the donation link takes you right to Maggie’s website, so PLEASE take your gift whether you donate or not and enjoy having a really happy home!  DONATE HERE

I look forward to supporting your efforts to connect with your children and help them love learning!


Mary Ann

Home School Coach and Family Connection Mentor