Parent Mentoring Package

Buckle Up – This program is for those that want to CHANGE THEIR LIFE!
This is a great first step to help you stay accountable for changes you have decided to make. It is your opportunity to use and report on the new skills you are learning, trouble shoot problem areas and get help to stay on track. Want to get started making some changes? This package is perfect for you. It is well designed, well thought out and powerful!
Mentor with Mary Ann
  • 6 personal appointments to be used within 6 months of starting
  • Appointments are first apointment 1 hour and 5 thirty minute apointments
  • An mp3 of the Family Chunk Clock
  • Tools for change

We will talk about YOUR family: something I can’t do on a CD, from stage, or in a workbook. It is a package that is affordable at $350 and packed with help for you in your efforts to transform yourself and your family.  As a thank you for opting in to my list and following along in the journey it is available to you for only $275!

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Mary Cory

Mary Ann Johnson has been my “official” mentor for the past year.  I first became acquainted with her while taking an on-line class she was teaching during the fall of 2011.  From the beginning of our mentoring relationship, I made it clear that I wasn’t specifically looking for help just in the area of home schooling but mostly I needed help and encouragement in my personal life.  My thoughts at that time were that if I could form some good positive mental strategies, organization systems, and change my thought patterns then that would in turn affect all areas of my life.  I am a home schooling mother of five, we farm in central Iowa and we have our own business.  I was feeling overwhelmed in many areas.

I so appreciate Mary Ann’s personal warmth, wisdom and practical ideas that I could begin implementing immediately!  On average we would visit for 30 minutes every month via telephone.  She was always ready to address my most pressing issues with nuggets of wisdom and tried and true principles.  As I have been reviewing my notes this past year, I have been amazed at the wealth of resources that Mary Ann has so generously shared with me!  She has repeatedly given me ideas of books that I might find helpful, websites to check out, and she has also been very gracious in sharing new ideas that she has been learning about from her own mentors or friends.  Some days she will have me do a specific, thought-provoking exercise over the phone and then discuss it with me, other times she would share encouraging words from scripture.

Mary Ann has a way of making each call special; it is not a cookie-cutter approach!  She is attuned to what my specific needs are each call.  Mary Ann has an amazing way of asking the hard, pressing questions…it is comparable to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to what the real issues are, not just what appears on the surface.  I will always be grateful for our mentoring relationship these past months!  I have grown as a person.  I feel as though I have a well-equipped tool box at my disposal now.  It is filled with resources to help me manage my thoughts, actions and responses to the expected and the unexpected events in everyday life.

Mary Ann, I have been greatly blessed by knowing you!  Thank you so much!  Mary Cory

I will help you take a deeper look at:
  • Being Present
  • Structuring time
  • Keeping you Spark Station inspiring
  • Working with multiple children in an educational setting
  • Hearing and responding to Sparks
  • How to enjoy being with your children more
  • Using the Chunk Clock to get a handle on your day
  • Overcoming the pressure of time: How to eliminate the tape playing in your head about the need to HURRY
  • How to stop yelling at your kids
  • How to re-script for more successful relationships with your children
  • Stop feeling guilt. Stop being overwhelmed every day. Stop blaming your kids for your chaos, stop losing your cool. 
  • Have children who love learning and who you love being with.
This Mentoring Package is specially priced at $275. If you are ready to say “YES, I want to change and I want help to do it” you can mentor with me for up to six months. I can help you transform yourself and in the process transform your family!
If you are ready to take action and change your life click below.