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Do life’s distractions get YOU off schedule?

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Can you identify with this?

  • You go to bed feeling disgusted because you just didn’t get your “stuff” done today
  • You vow that tomorrow you are going to get a handle on this time problem
  • You get up early the next day and
  • You create a beautiful color coded schedule. Every important thing is there. This is AMAZING!
  • This feels great. The next day you click right along, feeling satisfied and in control
  • The next day is harder to stay on schedule. The kids are resisting a bit more
  • You begin feeling stressed, the kids are stressed and it starts falling apart
  • You are lucky if your new schedule lasts a week to 10 days

Why don’t lists and schedules work for most families?

  • Because they are organized around time!
  • Each thing has a specific block of time
  • If anything happens (sick child, an emergency, a phone call) your schedule is shot
  • Schedules create frustration in a family!

The family chunk clock is unique because it is organized around tasks rather than time.

It works because it doesn’t matter if you get up late, have an emergency phone call after breakfast or just want the day off!

It is powerful because it is a system designed to help you RETURN when you get off course.

It feels better because it is about how your family time feels rather than ticking off a list of tasks.

Download The Family Chunk Clock

I know that you are going to LOVE this new idea and that you are going to have some major aha’s about your family and how you use your time. Enjoy!  And I would love to hear how it goes for you. Please send me a note at [email protected]


Mary Ann